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  1. Synonyms and antonyms of Australian terrier in the English dictionary of synonyms
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Naturally, my husband sat on the couch while I did tons and tons of research on different breeds, types of care, and local vets. I've always liked small dogs and wanted one that would be intelligent, loyal, good with kids, and also be protective. I found that terriers tend to hold those characteristics so I started focusing on small terriers.

One day I stumbled upon an article about Australian Terriers and I fell in love. They are one of the smallest terriers, held all the qualities I wanted, and were super adorable! On top of that, they were in our price range Let's be honest, I was not about to drop a couple grand on a dog! So I found a breeder, picked out the only little girl in the litter, named her Kimber, and the rest is history!

I've now had her almost one year and couldn't be happier. But like anything in life, there are pros AND cons, so here they are Kimber is such a social butterfly!

Synonyms and antonyms of Australian terrier in the English dictionary of synonyms

She loves when we have people over or bring her to someone's home. She also plays well with children. She doesn't bombard them or overwhelm them. My little nieces and nephews adore her! She also gets along really well with other dogs.

Dog breeds, Dog Breeds, Books | Barnes & Noble®

We take her to a local dog park sometimes and it is like Disney World to her. She must meet and converse with every single dog as well as their owners. She's kind of like the most popular dog there and it's pretty entertaining to my husband and me!

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If you are looking for a calm, easy going lap dog, an Australian Terrier might not be the right choice. Pretty much any dog that has "terrier" in the name is going to have a big personality. Not everyone wants that in a dog and that's perfectly fine. I actually love her spunkiness and the fact that she loves to be athletic. Also, as she's gotten older, she's gotten calmer. So if you have a puppy, there's hope for the future! Dogs with hyper personalities tend to need a little more discipline though. I had to work with Kimber a lot to get her not to jump on people. You have to be very strict with them or they'll run over you, literally!

I feel like this is one of the reasons dogs make great practice for kids! I am constantly being amazed with how smart Kimber is. She enjoys learning tricks and catches on very quickly. Our dog knows how to sit, stand, jump, drink, go inside, go outside, and stay, all on command. She also picks up on behavior, like when I'm packing she knows she's going to get to go somewhere or when we get our car keys, she wants to go on a drive.

She makes me want to take the time to work with her because she enjoys it. Right now we're working on fetch. She's great at going to get the ball, and she brings it back, she just doesn't want to let go of it. She would much rather play tug of war than drop the ball I have a hunch that's partly my husbands fault.

Why are men obsessed with aggressive games? My goodness, Kimber is the most vocal thing in our family! She loves to talk! She barks the most when she's outside and hears another dog, or when we bring her inside after she's been by herself for a while. The good news is that after a few minutes she calms down. We thought about putting one of those bark collars on her but besides it being painful, I didn't want her to be afraid to bark if there was an intruder or something. So I made the choice to just put up with the occasional racket. Besides the barking, she has about twenty other noises she makes.

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It's actually pretty hilarious! I swear she understands me because it always seems like she has the correct responses. She's always entertaining to be around! One of my concerns when we first had Kimber was that she was too friendly. Don't get me wrong, I want her to get along with other people and dogs, I just didn't think she'd be a very good watch dog. Well, I was wrong! Not too long ago my husband and I went away for the weekend and didn't take Kimber.

I had my sister come by and play with her and feed her twice a day. My sister said when she came up to the the gate and tried to open it, Kimber was growling like a fifty pound Rottweiler! It made me feel good to know that if someone was trying to get into her territory, she would protect it.

Various, Brenda Belmonte, The Dog Scrapbook: The Australian Terrier Edition is a collection of the best writings on the charming world of dogs and dog ownership, including everything from essays and anecdotes, to poems and literary excerpts.

Dog breeds: Books

These books are treasure troves of information about the breed - The physical points, temperaments, and special abilities are given; celebrated dogs are discussed and pictured; and the history of the breed and pedigrees of famous champions This is the perfect gift for the canine-inclined. Although developed in Australia during the 19th century. As colonists made their way "down under. Kerry V. Kern, Matthew M. Vriends, Muriel P. Lee, By the Australian Terrier was still in the process of developing.

Crossed with many other terrier breeds, it was not officially recognised until However, Broken-Coated Terriers were first exhibited in Melbourne in and almost Steven Miller, Gender: Female. You can also use the alpha search below to sort through the different dogs. She can be timid at first but opens up quickly. You may struggle to train outside due to their hunting instincts, they may be distracted by a good smell or a passing cat!. She is good with submissive or neutral dogs and good Chloe is a 10 month old Feist Mix who is.

The majority of people that have a Feist that are instructing their own dog, are usually a success. The Aussiedor is a hybrid, also known as a cross-breed. Do your deep research on the breeder before you buy what may be an animal subject to hisplaysia, blindness, or deafness. If you want a small Lab mix as a family companion then getting one who is crossed with a smaller, calmer breed is a good choice. Most owners tire out before their dogs do! But have you ever wondered what breeds are the fastest?

Sighthounds are popular dogs used in races, but what other breeds make the cut? Check out our list below! The Greyhound. Metals has a lot going on musically which is not a bad thing because Feist has got a great team. List your kennel with us and advertise that you are a breeder, trainer or handler.

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The Feist breed originated in rural southern United States. Meet Alexis Rose! This sweet angel is approximately years old, 85 pounds, and recently finished whelping her puppies. A dew claw, acting as its fifth toe, is always present in an original and well-bred. What does a Staffordshire terrier and Feist mix look like?