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Purchase a good quality notebook and place your name, address and phone number inside the cover. The difference of a few dollars is insignificant when you consider the hours you will invest in record keeping over the years. A word of advice - start record keeping early in your collecting career and keep the records updated. If you wait until you have a few thousand rounds in backlog, you may lose patience. There are many marking pens on the market. The PILOT SCA-UF is suggested as it will write on anything, makes fine clear impressions and can be easily removed when desired by wiping with lacquer thinner but will also come off with excessive handling.

Never use India Ink on copper because it will indelibly stain the case with time. Again, there is an abundance of choices. We recommend a good powder scale calibrated in grains Its capacity should be at least grain A magnetic braking device which dampens motion is a ni feature. Conversion to ounces or grams can be made with pocket calculator. Digital powder scales are nicest and now within reach of most collectors. Inertia-type bullet pullers are available at any good gun shop or reloading supply house. They are easy to use an don't damage case or bullet place soft material inside to as a cushion when pulling a lead bullet.

Under no circumstances should they be used with rimfire cartridges or rounds suspected of having incendiary or explosive bullet If the round has a crimped bullet, you may not be able reassemble it properly. Seating the bullet a little deeper will break any chemical sealer, making it easier to pull.

Be sure to measure and record the depth of seating if you intend to reassemble the round. Inspection of the inside of a cartridge case is often rerevealing. The simplest tool is a penlight with a curved plastic lens, called a borelight, found inexpensively in most shops. The ultimate tool, however, is a medical otoscope Although these are rather costly, a notice left on the bulletin board of your local hospital or a call to your local ear-nose- throat doctor might yield a used one.

It goes without saying that acquisition of X-ray equipment is beyond common sense for anyone except a laboratory operation. Your local dentist will often oblige if you bring a few rounds when you make your periodic personal visit.

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You might suggest that he turn up the power considerably when using a dental machine on cartridges. Don't forget to assure him that X-raying will not detonate the round.

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Most large cities have nondestructive testing labs with commercial X-ray capability. Best to bring several rounds -enough to fill an Xray plate; the cost will be the same for one or a dozen if they all fit on one plate. Every collector should learn how to take chamber casts. It is a simple process but requires that you procure a special alloy. This alloy has a very low melting point, actually lower than the boiling point of water. It has another unique characteristic.

When it first cools, it shrinks slightly, allowing it to be easily removed from the gun's chamber. Later, when fully cooled, it re-expands to its cast dimensions. A one-pound ingot will last a lifetime. The process is as follows:. A complete description of cartridge photography is beyond the scope of this section. The addition of a copy stand and reasonable 35mm camera body with a macro close focus lens and light brackets is highly recommended.

The camera should have a cable release.

Be a Hot Date: Bullet Guides

With a little practice and common sense and thru-the-lens focusing, one can quickly become adept at the narrow field of cartridge photography. Tip: A dab of modelling clay will hold cartridges in place during set up and photography but may leave a stain on ground glass. With a large segment of the population having access to computers, many collectors have recorded their cartridge data on hard drives or floppy disks.

For further information contact the Association see club listings. Let's face it, if you have been collecting cartridges for any length of time, you have an investment to protect. The investment is both financial and cultural.

It is hard to justify spending today's hard-earned dollars on your hobby if there isn't much chance of preserving that investment and, as collectors, we have a moral obligation to be caretakers for these small elements of our arms heritage. This section is intended to provide guidelines and suggestions for the preservation of your collection.

Finally, caution is the watchword. Proceed with caution. It is better to under clean than to over clean.

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Be sensitive to annealing colors, bullet tip and primer annulus colors, paperpatched bullets and other unique features. Future collectors will revere your efforts and your heirs will receive top-dollar from your collection. While on the subject, it should be mentioned that with some early boxes it was a common practice of manufacturers to recycle surplus boxes by placing a later label over an earlier one.

If you have an early box and can see evidence of an underlabel, it may be well to steam off the upper label to reveal the label beneath. This effort often yields a rare early label in mint condition! For list of dates and locations of future shows click here. There are a number of cartridge-only shows around the USA and abroad. Many new collectors are reluctant to have a table at a cartridge show, even a local one. While you may feel that you do not have enough "trade stock" to make it worth while, there are a several of reasons for making the effort to have your own table at a show. Firstly, it allows people to see what you have and while you might think that your "dupes" are common, it is quite possible that someone visiting the show may need something you have.

It also gives you a place to sit and rest up between "doing the rounds". Finally, it gives you a place to keep your collection catalog, notes, magnifying glass, and all the other accoutrements you will accumulate. One word of advice if you do set up a table - take a table cover so that you can cover up if you need to step away for a snack etc.. What follows is a partial list of the better known cartridge shows and the approximate time of year they are held.

It is not meant to be an exhaustive list. We suggest you keen an eye on forthcoming shows through the cartridge press, or click on the link at the top of this section for a list of future shows and locations. The international meeting - rivalling the St Louis show in size. There is probably no other field of collecting where record keeping is as important as in cartridge collecting. Where a gun collector with even as many as a few hundred guns in his collection can probably keep his collection reasonably cataloged in his mind, there is no way even a beginning cartridge collector can memorize all of the features of his collection.

So what are the reasons for establishing and constantly updating records of your collection? First and most obvious is the ability to continue to increase your collection without missing opportunities or without acquiring unwanted duplicates. A neat, concise record of your collection carried to cartridge shows, on visits to other collectors or Simply at hand when reviewing dealers' lists is an absolute must.

Second, unless you paid a lot for a given specimen, you will probably need to record its cost to be able to recall its price two years from now. Third, since most of us regularly research specific fields of interest, we usually establish close relationships with kindred spirits of similar bent. Communications between collectors of similar interest are greatly enhanced if good records are kept.

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Comprehensive lists of the specimens in a category which can be exchanged with collectors of like interest will often result in benefits to both parties. Finally, collection lists from advanced collectors are sometimes made available to less advanced collectors. Someday your list may be the one eagerly sought by followers in your footsteps. What do you need to record? That question has as many answers as there are collecting categories. Some of the formats used by collectors are shown in this section.