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Matthews, Michael Away, Tear Away for woodwind quintet and electroacoustic sounds on CD. Commissioned and premiered by the Mexico City Woodwind Quintet. Title taken from a poem by Antonio Machado. Matthias, Mathew Maturana, Eduardo Matys, Jiri Matz, Rudolf Mauldin, Michael Movements: Morning prayers; River music; Shimmering heat; Sunset. Mauldin has also written Voices from Chaco for piano and woodwind quintet. Maury, Lowndes Maxwell, Charles Maxwell, James Beckwith It is quite a reverberant space, with a curiously high level of low frequency noise ….

Maxwell, Michael Mayer, John Optional tanpura part is improvised. See also: www. Mayer, William Work includes solos for each of the 11 players. Mays, Walter A. Mazellier, Jules Non in Commotione for woodwind quintet and string quartet 2 violins, viola, cello. Mazurek, Ron McAlister, Clark A bit over-arranged for my taste — the cleverness of the arrangement overshadows the original carol. The instrumentation is solo contrabassoon, 2 flutes both doubling piccolo , oboe, English horn, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns.

Second flute doubles on piccolo; 2 nd oboe performs exclusively on English horn. May be out of print. McAllister, Scott McBride, Robert Based on a Mexican folk song.

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McCabe, John London: Novello, Bury St. Edmunds: Exclusive distributors, Music Sales Limited, [? For 2 flutes piccolo, alto flute , 2 oboes English horn , 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns. McCall, Brent McCall, Harlo Edward Includes Three blind mice go modern; Rock-a-bye, swing-a-bye, baby. McCarter, Kevin Score can be downloaded from www. McCarthy, Daniel William Oboe doubles on English horn. Program notes at www.

Michael P. McCollin, Frances McCombe, Christine Flute doubles on alto flute, Clarinet doubles on bass clarinet. McCombie, Alan McDaniel, William J.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

McDowall, Cecilia McEwen, John Blackwood Sir Uses A and B-flat clarinets. Both the old and new versions have proved highly popular with audiences. Score represents only the acoustic portion of the recital. Thesis M. McGuire, Edward One flutist plays piccolo exclusively. Recently recorded by members of the U.

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McGurty, Mark McIntosh, Diana Commissioned by the York Winds. The piece reflects the idea of a journey that five people are taking and periodically one or two of the individuals go off in their own conversation, and then come back and join the group. McIntyre, Paul Commissioned by the Alaska Festival of Music, for the Westwood wind quintet. McKay, David Phares For flute and piccolo , oboe and English horn , clarinet, horn and bassoon.

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Arrangements of:. Billings, William, The piccolo and English horn are only used for the first six measures of the work, off-stage. Otherwise the work is for standard quintet. Originally for various unspecified instrumental ensembles, keyboard instrument, vocal ensemble, or chorus.

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Selby, William: A Lesson: 1. Allegro , 2. Andante , 3.

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McKay, Francis Howard Five very short, easy movements. McKay, George Frederick Notated to be performed by a woodwind quintet, but the horn part is optional. Three short movements: 1. Sailor Jack; 2. A Mermaid; 3. Barnacle Bill. Intended for student ensembles. Flute has option of doubling on piccolo. The first composer known to use the tune, however, was Mozart, who was probably quoting a much older tune.

McKinley, Carl McKinley, Ian McKinley, William Thomas Clarinet doubles bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet, flute doubles alto and piccolo, oboe doubles English horn. McKinnon, John McLaughlin, Marian a. Thomas R. Ostrom McLean, Hamilton Gordon ? McLoskey, Lansing Burnished splinters; II.

Works by Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Variation 1: Cornus florida; III. Variation 2: Ironwood; IV.

Variation 3: Alternate Leaf; V. Quaking — Peak. McMillan, Ann Commissioned by the Quintet of the Americas. McPeek, Benjamin D. McPherson, Gordon Check SMC for updated contact info. McTee, Cindy Karen Thesis Ph. Meacham, F. Frank White Meale, Richard G. Second movement, in particular, uses complex changing meters. See Cohn for more info. Medaglia, Julio Written for and recorded by for the woodwind quintet of the Berlin Philharmonic. Requinta Maluca — Chorino.

It appears that the Trevco edition includes a choice of alternate flute parts. Medeiros, Anacleto de Features flute and oboe and clarinet, particularly. Probably my least favorite piece on the record mentioned above.

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See the article about Quinteto Villa-Lobos for a link to the recording. Medek, Tilo Flute doubles piccolo, oboe doubles English horn. Movements: Phoenix; Ikarus; Eule; Adler, gleitend. Hanka; II. Janko; II. Ich bin das arme Waisenking; VI. Die Witwe hat den Sohn geheiratet. Tilo Medek also wrote a Divertissement for quintet and harpsichord. Mederacke, Kurt Movements: Allegro moderato; Presto; Molto moderato; Allegro spiritoso.