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Species action plan Pallid Harrier (Circus macrourus)

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How does ETS Benefit you. Reset Calculate Car Loan. In over Iraq ours involved both close air support CAS and strike missions. The background to all of this starts back in the UK where we had the luxury of an extensive pre-deployment training period. We were also very focused on understanding how all of the extra gear worked in the various pockets our jackets were festooned with — mostly survival gear — and what the plans were for egressing on foot if we had to. Significant planning was required to understand what was expected of us, particularly critical given that there would be myriad other air and ground assets in the area, all with their own missions.

It was always obvious that we were just one part of a much larger war effort.

Our site is absolutely free and we have no advertisements. The missions themselves were fairly tense at the start of hostilities as each side assessed what was being brought to bear against them. As things progressed it was easier to get into a rhythm, whilst always trying to guard against complacency.

One incorrectly typed digit, or the slightest ambiguity on the radio leading to misidentification of the target area, could lead to disaster. You then move the nozzle lever to the hover stop to decelerate at which point you use the stick to control pitch attitude.

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At 50 knots groundspeed you select a lesser nozzle angle to stop decelerating and the stick then controls groundspeed. Just prior to touchdown it reverts to pitch attitude. So four control strategies with just one of the three hand controllers stick, throttle, nozzle lever in under 30 seconds while trying to execute a precise landing with little margin for error — lots of armchair flying required for that one! The up-and-away handling was occasionally a little tricky too.

During an air-to-air refuelling test flight in a very aft CG configuration I was working so hard just to put the probe in the basket I lost the power of speech! Requiring full back stick around finals was common in the two-seater; if the nose carried on dropping the only way out was to add power, which was somewhat counter-intuitive. Flying at low level at night also had its moments, and no one enjoyed landing on the carrier at night!

What is the biggest myth about the aircraft? I mean, have you ever met an F.

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I would opine that such a stance would be foolhardy. Also, stopping then landing on a carrier will always be easier and cheaper than landing then stopping acknowledging that this leads to design compromises, e. Was the absence of cannon and radar problematic? At least we had a very good EW system, the display for which was in the HUD, to let you know who was looking at you and from what angle. Do you think the British got rid of their fleet too early? And what do you think about what happened to the air frames?

What should I have asked you? Using a lot of nozzle at lower speeds gave a marked increase in turn rate, but physics being what it is the side-effect was a large reduction in energy which left you a sitting duck if your attempt to snap the nose around for a missile shot failed. How good was the GR9 at the time of its retirement? I started flying the GR. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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  • Flying & Fighting in the Harrier: RAF pilot interview?
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