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What would your kids say? What would the people at work say, your teammates?

Obituary for Michael E. McCray | S & L Funeral Home and Cremation Service

My father in law died in He was a full air force colonel, worked at the Pentagon for a number of years as the assistant to the joint — chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and had an illustrious career, but he was an extraordinary family man, really invested in his kids and even me — in me as his son in law and so when we had the funeral, there was a full military funeral back in the days when they did the jet flyovers and the 21 gun salute and all that.

Then we came back to my house here in Nashville, all the family, all of our closest friends and literally all day long all we did was pass around pictures. We cried. We laughed. We told stories. We can shape, we can engineer those conversations now so that we create a series of what we call in the book legacy statements where you actually write what you would like those significant people to be able to say.

Now the power of it is that you can begin to shape your life by doing, by becoming what it is that is required for them to be able to say those things about you. So a better wife or a better husband or a better boyfriend or a better parent or a better entrepreneur or whatever it is, but you can inform those discussions today, but it gives you enormous clarity about where your life is going in the direction of your life.

Question number two is what matters most to you? This is a question about priorities.

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Another quick story. The year was and I mean we were walking guerrilla warfare, just hand to hand combat trying to survive as a business and I remember telling the board of directors. So I put it on my calendar. We took off on a Friday afternoon for Denver, Colorado and then we were going to drive deep into the wilderness and just spend a week unplugged, but we had a stop in Dallas.

I mean we were packed. We had been planning this for months. We were ready to go. I showed it to Gail. She looked at me and she said, what are you going to do babe?

Michael Jerome Toye

I get it. I turned off my email, turned off my phone and we went away for a week. When I got back to Nashville, I asked my staff, I said, so about that meeting. Yeah, they came. Well, how did go? They shrugged their shoulders, like it was a non-event. They could have gotten these questions answered by email. Michael Hyatt: Good for you.

Interviewer: Okay. So point number three, Michael. This is a future me, but I say to myself this is the future. I am lean and strong, possessing vibrant health and extraordinary fitness. My heart is strong and healthy. My arteries are supple and clear of obstructions. My autoimmune system is in excellent condition. I have more than enough energy to accomplish the tasks I undertake.

This is because I control my mental focus, workout six days a week, choose healthy foods, take supplements as needed and get adequate rest. Then we go back to what the current reality is. This is not going to be turned into somebody else.

Michael William Phillips

I mean that was my current reality. Now once I have those two things, then what I can do is put together specific commitments. You may not know the entire path to get from where you are to where you want to be in the various categories, but you usually know the first couple of steps and so we encourage you to write those down as specific commitments and begin to take action and begin to build momentum and begin moving toward that envisioned future.

Interviewer: I love that driving through the forest at night analogy. Something that I use is very similar is I ask people flat out. So again, that final question fire nation was how do I get from here to where I want to want to be.

Michael's Eulogy

So powerful and Michael, we always end strong here at EO Fire so take it away. Michael Hyatt: This is the important thing. Then you begin to implement it and by the way, we recommend that you take one full day to do this.

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Connie, Cheyenne, and Sierra My prayers go out to Connie Sheri Babcock. Connie,I am so sorry for Leave a Condolence. View All Condolences.

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Share a Photo. View All Photos. Coldwater, MI On behalf of Michael I would like to thank my family for the love they gave him and together these words may have meaning for us all. To mourn too long for those who we love is self-indulgent, but to honour their memory with a promise to live a little better for having known them gives purpose to their life and some reason for their death. God works in mysterious ways. Or he realized the full ramifications of his actions. Not that it would have made a difference at the time.

One year, long in grief and short in time. And one where it seems some peoples grief has been manifesting in anger, the pain of loss. In the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, life is constantly presenting us with opportunities to totally let go of what encumbers us, in order for us to fully embrace life with fresh openness, and forgiveness plays a major part.

Unless we have full gratitude for those we have loved how can we expect the fragile bud of rebirth to emerge within us. The beauty is that some of his many talents will surface forever, due to the huge legacy he left us all, in a dozen albums, hundreds of songs, and the performance of thousands of truly memorable shows, all around the globe. Sometimes I feel Michael is everywhere, literally. Michael, the poet, the lyricist, the natural performer certainly kicked his goal of world domination.

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