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You won't know if a school is affordable for you until you receive your financial aid award letter in the spring of your senior year. This page will help you develop a working budget for college. Besides tuition, you'll have to pay for other things, such as:. Books and supplies. Room and board where you live, food, utilities, etc.

Fees lab, Internet, parking, registration, etc. Transportation expenses. Personal expenses. Average Annual Tuition and Fees. Add tuition and the above expenses to get a ballpark estimate of your total costs. Most financial aid programs are "need-based" which means the student and family will provide information to determine the amount the family can contribute.

Some students may qualify for both Need and Merit based aid while some may only qualify for just need or just merit based. Need Based. Most financial aid-need based programs are taxpayer supported and administered by federal and state governments. Colleges and communities also sponsor programs to help students pay for college.

Students must demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for need based aid.

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Need based aid award amounts are based on this formula:. The total cost of college.

Tuition Rate Schedules

This includes expenses of tuition, books, room, board, and miscellaneous living. This is what you will be expected to pay regardless of which colleges or schools you plan to attend. This is the amount of need based aid that you should qualify for at the institution if you apply early. The EFC is based your family's financial resources.

Here are some facts to consider:. When you have estimates of the above financial records you can those plug numbers into the calculator. An estimated EFC will then be calculated. The College Bound Scholarship: The College Bound Scholarship program need based is an early commitment of state financial aid to eligible students who sign up in middle school and fulfill the scholarship pledge. From sign up to scholarship, we provide the tools and resources you need to get College Bound. Merit Based Aid. Merit based aid may be given in competitions beauty, cooking, writing, art, photography, other talents, etc.

Merit based aid may include both scholarships awarded by the individual college or university and those awarded by outside organizations. Merit based aid is typically awarded for outstanding academic achievements which can be based on. Merit based aid is awarded without regard for the financial need of the applicant.

At many colleges, every admitted student is automatically considered for merit scholarships. At other schools, however, a separate application process is required. Gift, Loan and Self Support Aid. Gift Aid: Just as the name implies gift aid is given to you as a gift.

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It does not needed to be repaid. Gift aid may include grants, tuition waivers and scholarships. Loan Aid: Once again with the name we know that loan aid is a loan of money to help you get through college. Interest may be payable in addition to principle. Loans for students make up the majority of the financial aid packages. Most loans are the student's responsibility to pay back after they leave college.

Some loans are the parents responsibility to pay back. These are called PLUS loans. Self Support Aid: This kind of aid takes the form of helping yourself earn your way through college.

Work Study is the most well know program where your earnings through part-time employment arranged by the college are applied to your college expenses. These college awarded work study jobs are supported by state and federal aid sources and at some independent colleges by private donations or foundations.

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Students must qualify for work study and may be considered part of a need based aid package. Part time work you find on your own is not Work Study, but part time work is a very popular method to pay for college. Some students work during the school year, others only on the weekends or summer time. With part time work you do support yourself, but the wages are paid to directly to you. The student must make their own payments to the college from this income.

College Savings Plans. These are another form of self support aid, While there are many types of aid, it always best for you and your family to save some for college.

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Saving your summer work money will give you more flexibility in the activities you want to pursue at college. Hopefully the family started these several years ago rather than waiting for the senior year. There are two types of plans. One allows you to purchase tuition today that will be safe from inflation. You save money because you buy tuition in advance. The other kind relies on economic markets and a base investment that acquires interest based on the economic performance.

Often such plans deposit a certain amount into your savings plans or loan accounts every time you purchase goods from certain retailers. Families can also check with their bank or financial advisor to determine if there is a different or complimentary program that would help you and your family save money for college.


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In addition, you may be eligible for forbearance and possibly deferment on your federal student loans while you're an AmeriCorps volunteer. If you serve full time, you will also receive a modest living allowance. In addition, up to 70 percent of your Perkins Loan debt may be forgiven if you serve as a Peace Corps volunteer. You'll be paid for teaching and participate under an alternative teaching certification program. You may also receive forbearance and interest payment benefits on your student loans. The Military: Military enlistment and service often offers bonuses, tuition assistance, college fund programs which is another form of self support aid.

Scholarships are available from the Army, Navy, and Air Force through the Reserve Officers Training Corps programs at hundreds of colleges in return for serving at least four years on active duty after graduation. Students will have an enriched curriculum that will give a more global perspective, increase awareness of the importance of research, and develop leadership skills.